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At Hair Clinic Omorfy we have very competitive prices for the Fue Hair Transplant. The hair transplant costs and therefore the cost price of a hair transplant depend on the type of treatment and the number of grafts used. By working efficiently and investing in the right materials, people and knowledge, we are able to deliver the best quality hair transplant for a competitive price.

A full head of hair starts with a free consultation

If you opt for a full head of hair, it starts with a free consultation. During the consultation, you can discuss your wishes with our team, you can ask any questions you may have and we will indicate what your options are. Towards the end of the consultation you will receive tailor-made advice, a plan of action and a quote for hair transplant costs. In your hair transplant quote you will find exactly how many grafts we will place, the number of treatments and the total cost of hair transplant.

Standard hair transplant costs

Frizzy hair transplant costs

Cost of facial hair transplant

Cost of women's hair transplant

Cost effective hair transplant

Cost hair improvement treatment

Pricing and payment

Payment options

At Omorfy you can pay in the way that suits you best. We accept all debit and credit cards. In addition, you can also pay in cash or by means of a tikkie. You choose the payment method that suits you best.

If you have any questions about payment or after viewing this page, please contact us. Call 030 303 1260 or send an e-mail to: [email protected]


At Omorfy you can also pay for your treatments in installments. To this end, we work together with our partner: Cosmetic Finance. Cosmetic Finance is an intermediary specialized in medical and/or cosmetic financing. More information can be found at You can also immediately request a quote without obligation. You will be contacted without obligation within 24 hours. Amounts from € 2500 are eligible to be financed.

Payment options

We accept the following payment methods:

Pin, Credit card, Tikkie, Cash, Ideal

Electronic Payment Methods

Electronic Payment Methods

Every customer deserves the best care!

All hair transplants at Omorfy include 4 hair improvement treatments, washes, follow-up checks, an aftercare package worth € 1500.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us.

You can go to a hair clinic for treatments against baldness and hair loss. We treat women and men with any type of hair, including frizzy hair. For example, we treat a raised hairline, inlets, thinning hair, scars in the hairy area, eyebrows with little hair and beards with bald or thin spots. Too many to mention.

That would give us the wrong impression of the work. A hair transplant is not always in the direct interest of the client. We therefore look at the problem of hair growth in a different way, treatments include not only hair transplants but also methods to improve hair growth, densification and more.

First of all, a personal pleasant and familiar entry into the clinic is important. Especially a personal approach and a conversation with someone from the team who will treat you. Make sure that the treatment is under the supervision of a BIG doctor from start to finish. Don’t rely too much on stories, but have a personal conversation with a therapist. In addition, the treatment method used is important. At Omorfy only the FUE method is used. Very important is the question of whether people are only concerned with transplants or whether investments are also made in development and research to improve quality and results.

Omorfy hair clinic is located in Bunnik, near Utrecht. Bunnik is centrally located in the Netherlands and is also easily accessible from Belgium and part of Germany. In addition, there is a good and fast train connection to Schiphol.

Omorfy is easily accessible by public transport. We also have ample free parking

Certainly Belgium is less than an hour’s drive from Bunnik. Other international clients are also happy to come to us. There is a good hotel within walking distance and with which we also offer packages. Our Dutch team speaks excellent English, French, German and Portuguese.

Certainly, Omorfy invests a lot of time and money in new techniques and applications of new medications. Please inquire after the visit.

Omorphy stands for: Omorphia For You. Beauty in Greek for everyone.

We want to make these types of interventions accessible to everyone with a new modern approach through a favorable price-quality ratio.


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