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Rules of conduct

Our rules of conduct

A lot is possible on the Omofy website, but not everything. Below you will find the rules of conduct that we use. Omorfy reserves the right to remove or modify messages that do not comply with the rules of conduct.


The blogs and comments are primarily intended for information exchange on the topics Hair transplantation and hair improvement. Adjoining topics can also be covered. Responding to messages and asking questions is free. Commercial messages, calls from companies, journalists and student surveys, etc. are not allowed. Omorfy cannot guarantee the correctness of the information of third parties and can therefore never be held liable.


Fierce discussions are allowed, but vulgar name-calling or cursing and needlessly hurtful text are not. Inappropriate and unsavory messages will be removed or modified by the editors, violators may be removed from this website without warning. The etiquette on this forum is simple: you behave the same as you do in everyday life. You may hold other people accountable for their behavior or behaviors, but do so with courtesy.

Unsubstantiated claims

The editors reserve the right to remove messages if incriminating claims are not substantiated.

Redirecting to indecent and competitive third-party sites

Contributions that refer or link to websites that exceed legal and/or decency limits, as well as links to competing websites, may be removed.

Illegal or Immoral Posts

Anything illegal is obviously prohibited (such as racist or discriminatory texts, offering copies, etc.). In addition, it is not allowed to provoke or encourage illegal behavior. Discussions with such content will be deleted by the administrators.

Meta discussions

Meta-discussions, ie discussions about discussions (or about the manner of discussion) are not allowed. Nor can there be a discussion about the way in which the administrators do their work.

Edit discussion

When a discussion gets bogged down, or changes the subject, Omorfy reserves the right to remove contributions and/or close the discussion.


Spamming – i.e. posting a single message in multiple sections or under multiple blogs at the same time – is prohibited. Should this happen (either intentionally or accidentally), the editors will determine in which section the message belongs most, after which the other copies will be removed.

Posts too long

Contributions should not be too long, Omorfy can shorten posts.

Personal information

It is not allowed to mention personal information on the forum, such as full names, addresses and other personal data. The mention of company names is permitted, but reference to personal data of company directors is not. You can suffice with initials. Omorfy reserves the right to remove and/or modify messages containing inadmissible personal references. In all cases, the editors decide on the content of the Omorfy website and the content of specific messages.

Have fun,

Team Omorphy


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