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Omorfy Hair Clinic

Omorfy is the newest, most modern and most customer-friendly hair clinic in the Netherlands. We use the latest techniques and keep innovating. We always have a solution that suits you best.

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The solution for hair loss

Do you suffer from hair loss, a bald spot or maybe an ugly scar on your head? The best hair clinic in the Netherlands has the solution for you. 

Plan an appointment for a free consultation. Together, we’ll look for the best solution to your hair problem.

Plan an appointment for a free consultation. Together, we’ll look for the best solution to your hair problem.

Do you suffer from hair loss, a bald spot or maybe an ugly scar on your head? The best hair clinic in the Netherlands offers the solution for you. 

Omorfy is the specialist for

Hair Transplants

Do you have heavy and regular hair loss? Are you finding hairs on your pillow more and more often? Omorfy aims to make hair transplants accessible to anyone.

Beard and Moustache Transplants

Does you beard or moustache suffer from bad growth, or is it thin and limp looking? A beard or moustache transplant might be the solution for you.

Hair Treatments

An Omorfy hair treatment activates your hair follicles and makes your hair grow luscious and thick once again.

The most modern and customer-friendly clinic in the Netherlands

Omorfy is the newest, most modern and most customer-friendly hairclinic around. We use the latest techniques and keep innovating. Omorfy is always focused on the latest research and development in the field of hair transplants.

We use the latest methods and technologies

Omorfy carries out hair transplants using the latest technologies. Due to our refined techniques we deliver the most natural results.

Micro- FUE method

  • Use of micro drills, 0.7mm in diameter
  • Less scars
  • Quick recovery
  • More options for a potential second hair transplant

Sapphire knife

  • Perfect density
  • Quick recovery
  • No damage to the scalp
  • Smaller incisions

Hair treatment

  • Slows hair loss and promotes natural hair growth
  • Thickens hair structure
  • Stimulates the growth of hair follicles

We’ll take care of:

We’ll take care of:

care of

Your hair follicles

One of the most important parts of a hair transplant are the grafts. If grafts are not handled properly parts, or even all of them, could be permanently damaged.

How are they harvested? How are they kept alive? How long can a graft survive without the oxygen rich blood of your scalp? Read all about it in our blog.

care of

Your donor area

At Omorfy we think it’s very important that donor areas are kept looking beautiful and luscious. After all, your donor area determines how you look.

Read all about how we achieve this in our blog

care of

Your recovery

Proper support during your recovery is incredibly important. It makes for a better result and a pleasant experience.

Even after your treatment we’ll be taking care of you through our extensive aftercare.

care of

Your hairs

Your transplanted hairs are there for life. A skewed hairline or dodgily implanted crown are mistakes that are irreversible.

At Omorfy we’ll make sure that your hair looks perfect and stays that way.

Our work deserves to be seen

Our work deserves to be seen

Central location, within 1 hour from Schiphol Airport

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Fruitweg 36, Bunnik

What our customers say about us

Some of the frequently asked questions about our hair transplantations and our clinic


A selection of frequently asked questions about hair transplantation and our clinic

  • What is a hair clinic?

    You can go to a hair clinic for treatments against baldness and hair loss. We treat women and men with all types of hair, including frizzy hair. For example, we treat a raised hairline, coves, thinning hair, scars in a hairy area, eyebrows with little hair and beards with bald or thin spots. Too many to mention.

  • Why is it not called a hair transplant clinic?

    This would give the wrong impression of the work. A hair transplant is not always directly in the interest of the client. So we look at the problem of hair growth in a different way, treatments do not only concern hair transplants but also methods to improve hair growth, densification and more.

  • What do I look for when choosing a clinic for a hair transplant?

    First of all, a personal pleasant and familiar entry into the clinic is important. Above all, a personal approach and a conversation with someone from the team who will be treating you. Be sure that the treatment is under the control of a BIG certified 0doctor (obligatory in the Netherlands) from start to finish. Do not rely too much on stories, but have a personal conversation with a therapist. In addition, the treatment method used is important. With Omorfy only the FUE method is used. A very important question is whether people are only involved in transplants or whether there is also investment in development and research into improving quality and results.

  • Where is Omorphy hair clinic based?

    Omorphy hair clinic is located in Bunnik, near Utrecht. Bunnik is centrally located in the Netherlands and is also easily accessible from Belgium and part of Germany. In addition, there is a good and fast train connection to Schiphol.

  • Can I come to the hair clinic by public transport?

    Omorphy is easily accessible by public transport. We also have ample free parking

  • Is your hair clinic also for Belgian clients?

    Certainly, Belgium is less than an hour’s drive from Bunnik. Other international clients also like to come to us. There is a good hotel within walking distance and with which we also offer packages. Our Dutch team speaks excellent English, French, German and Portuguese.

  • Does your clinic also conduct research and development of new products?

    Yes we do. Omorfy invests a lot of time and money in new techniques and applications of new medications. Please ask after the visit?

  • Why the name Omorphy hair clinic?

    Omorphy stands for: Omorphia For You. Beauty in Greek for everyone.

    We want to make these types of interventions accessible to everyone with a new modern approach through a favorable price-quality ratio.

  • Why should I choose Omorphy hair clinic?

    Personal attention, high quality for everyone. An extensive product package and research into new products and methods

  • Why am I going to a hair clinic?

    If hair loss becomes visible, your hair is thinning, and you want to do something about the baldness or hair loss, you can go to a hair clinic to see if there is a solution for this problem. You can also start with your GP, but he is not specialized in this. It is important to know that you do not have a disease that requires other medical treatments. If there is hereditary hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, then a proven hair growth agent can be prescribed in the first instance or hair improvement can be applied. The effect of this differs per case, but do not expect miracles. If the hair follicles have fallen out, that happens due to damage to the hormone DHT, then they do not come back and a hair transplant is the only solution. At the hair clinic you will receive a no-obligation and free consultation.

  • Can I just walk into a hair clinic?

    If you would like more information, it is better to make an appointment with the doctor or specialist. He then takes the time for a good consultation. A good consultation can easily take an hour. Provide as much relevant information as possible and ask for solutions and what else you want to know.

  • How do I find a hair clinic that suits me?

    A personal approach and a good conversation with a team member is step one. Not only the stories that are told and written are important, but also that personal, and a hair clinic that goes further than a hair transplant. You need to gain confidence and reassurance.

  • Why do I choose a Turkish hair clinic?

    There is only one answer, it is believed to be cheaper. Wage and standard of living are certainly different in Turkey but there is much more. Make a good comparison, is there a doctor present? Do you know anyone from the team? Language and feeling at home, visiting for aftercare or for a problem? How many extra days do you have to spend and what is the influence of such a trip? In our view, that does not pay off, but the decision is yours.

  • Is there a difference between Dutch and Turkish hair clinics?

    Sure, and the equivalent Turkish hair clinics calculate and charge the same cost per Graft, hair follicle.

  • What impact does a cheaper rate have on the quality of a hair clinic?

    Hair clinics in Turkey often compete on price (not all). Those hair clinics that compete on price often do not have a doctor who fully guides the patient. In addition, there will be plenty of examples of failed and special models and hairlines. At Omorphy we work with doctors, also for consultation and we also have intensive contacts with the hairdressing world.

  • Can women also visit Omorphy hair clinic?

    That’s right. Omorphy has a special team of women for women in the hair clinic. A hair transplant treatment for a woman is different from that of a man. We also work with limited shaving methods tailored to women. Come for a no-obligation consultation.

  • Can I bring someone to the consultation at the hair clinic?

    Please do, a visit to a doctor is always quick and you forget things. So feel free to bring someone with you, this happens a lot. It also puts you more at ease.

  • Does a hair clinic guarantee a hair transplant?

    A guarantee is given on the transplantation of successfully transplanted hair follicles. There are often conditions that you must adhere to. Discuss this during the consultation. There are many important things that are often forgotten.

  • When do I have to pay the costs to the hair clinic?

    You will receive a personal quote in which payment conditions are also laid down. Often half is paid a few weeks in advance and everything must be paid on the day of the treatment.


You can pay for your treatment at Omorfy.nl in instalments. We have a partner specifically for that purpose: Cosmetic Finance. Cosmetic Finance is an intermediary specialised in medical and/or cosmetic financing. You can find more information on www.cosmeticfinance.nl. You apply for financing at any time, without any obligations. Click here: https://cosmeticfinance.nl/offerte-aanvragen/ You will be contacted within 24 hours, no strings attached. Amounts from €2500,- and up qualify for financing.
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