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Hair transplants men

A hair transplant is the solution for a man who experiences hair loss. It’s a frequently occurring problem that often starts at a young age. Usually it starts with a receding hair line, after which eventually bald spots will appear. Do suffer from this and would you like your hair back? With a hair transplant for men Omorfy offers a permanent solution.

Hair transplants for men: the solution

Hair loss in men has multiple causes. The most prevalent cause is hereditary baldness, also know as androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia can occur from a young age onwards. This type of hair loss is caused by hair follicles that are oversensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone DHT. Because of this oversensitivity, growth is inhibited and eventually blocked entirely, after which baldness emerges. 

Unbalanced hormones, disease, stress or an unhealthy diet can also be the cause. The hair follicles at the back and sides of your head are not sensitive to this process.

FUE hair transplantation

“More support and attention for now and for the future”

Hair transplantation doesn’t always have to be the first solution.

Non-binding information about male hair transplants

Do you require more information about hair transplants for men or do you want to know what we can do for you? Book a free consultation at Omorfy. We know you may be busy during office hours. That’s why we can plan appointments during the evening or the weekend. Our specialist will examine your situation and use that information to draw up a treatment plan.

Hair transplantation treatment for men

Temple hair loss

Losing hair at the temples is one of the first signs of male hair loss. For some this starts at 20 while others don’t experience it until they’re 50. The cause is often Androgenetic Alopecia. Omorfy’s team is specialised in restoring hair at the temples.

Receding hairline

Has your hairline receded and does your forehead look larger as a result? That too can be solved with a hair transplantation. Together with your Omorfy doctor you’ll decide what you want your hairline to look like. The doctor will take the growth direction and desired model of your hairline into account to recreate natural looking hair.

Hair loss at your crown

The crown is another place where hair loss often occurs for men. In this area extra special attention to the direction of the implants is required. Every crown looks different. Some people have double crowns and every person has a different orientation.

Thinning hair

In areas where the hair has become so thin that you can see through to the scalp, hair transplants are a good solution. In those spots we can distribute hairs in-between existing hairs to make everything look more luscious. 

Beard and moustache

Do you have a beard or moustache with insufficient hair? Or do you have a scar here? A transplant is a permanent solution for these issues. A beard transplant doesn’t always have to be the first solution. There are other possible treatments. Do you want a fuller beard or moustache? Read if a beard transplant is the right option for you.


For both women and men eyebrows are a defining facial feature. Good looking eyebrows makes for a well-groomed appearance. Together with the client, the Omorfy team can decide where new hairs need to be planted for a full and beauteous look.

FUE scars hair transplant

At Omorfy we understand very well that a scar may lower self confidence. Take for example the scar at the back of the head after a FUT treatment. Often this scar stretches from ear to ear and becomes visible when the hair is shaved short. Clients regularly come to us because they regret having had a FUT treatment because of the scar. With our hair transplant procedure we can treat the scar tissue. The transplant offers a permanent solution for hair growth in the scar.

Hair saving hair transplants

Many clients don’t want to go through a hair transplant because they simply don’t want to shave their hair. A hair saving transplant is offered at Omorfy for this exact reason.

There are two options:

  1. You allow the hair in your donor area to grow longer. On the day of treatment, only part of the donor area is shaved and the other hairs will cover the shaven area.
  2. The whole donor area is shaved while the hair in the receiving area isn’t. The advantage of this method is that the donor area can be optimally used for larger treatments.

The downside of this method is:

A limited amount of grafts per treatment. In some cases a second treatment may be necessary.

At Omorfy we can carry out a transplantation in most cases. Book a consultation to find out which treatment is best for you

What is a hair transplant?

With a FUE hair transplant the hair follicles are moved from the donor area to the receiving area. Hair follicles are called grafts as well and can contain up to 4 hairs. The graft, or hair follicle, is also called an implant.

The donor area is located to the back and sides of the head. The hair follicles in this area don’t fall out. They are also unaffected by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is what causes hair follicles to die prematurely. This hormone is often the cause of baldness at later ages. The whole hair follicle, including its DNA, is moved. This means that the transplanted hairs will never fall out.

The steps of the FUE method

  • Your scalp is locally anaesthetised, because this treatment may take multiple hours. This can potentially be done without using a needle.
  • The hair technician takes the genetically good grafts – hair follicles with both a hair and a stem cell – out of the donor area with great precision. This extraction is done with a special hollow needle of approximately 0.7 mm in diameter. The grafts are then taken out with a pair of tweezers and placed in a special fluid. This fluid provides the grafts with the nutrients it needs to survive the transplant. This ensures that all grafts will develop into beautiful strong hairs.
  • After the extraction it’s time for lunch and the last grafts will be counted and sorted.
  • Next, the doctor will use a sapphire blade to create incisions in the scalp. This has to be done very precisely to make sure the implants are placed correctly and attain a natural direction of growth. 
  • After making the incisions, the hair technician places the transplants into the receiving area with the help of tweezers.
  • While implanting we carry out a special treatment to stimulate the growth factors in the receiving area. These optimal circumstances increase hair growth.
  • After this aftercare in the clinic itself follows, after which aftercare at home is discussed.

From 2 weeks to 5 moths after treatment

From 2 weeks to 5 months after the treatment, transplanted hair may fall out. This doesn’t happen to everyone and you don’t have to be alarmed: this is a natural reaction. After 1 week the stem cells will be sufficiently fixed underneath the scalp and will start the growth of new hair.

The final result won’t be visible until 9 to 12 months after the treatment. So, the whole process takes a bit of patience, but the result is definitely worth the wait! Hair transplants are proven and safe treatments which you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

Hair transplants are proven and safe treatments which you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

Aftercare guidance

After the treatment your Omorfy technician will regularly contact you. On day three and seven your hair will be washed in our clinic. This way we can support you better during the most crucial week of your recovery and optimally monitor the result.

The clinic

Omorfy has a new, state of the art clinic in Bunnik which has 5 operation rooms.  You will be received and taken care of with maximum privacy. Because of our efficient and flexible methods we don’t have a waiting list. We know you may be busy during office hours. That’s why we can arrange for our appointment to take place in the evening or during the weekend. You can bring a companion along as there is plenty of parking and waiting room. Besides that, there’s also the Postillion Hotel at walking distance.

On the day of treatment, our team will receive you at the appointed time and will go over the program and documentation with you. After this we’ll start preparing.

Our professionals use the latest techniques. These techniques ensure high hair density, a faster recovery process and stunning end result.

A perfect result begins with a good doctor. The doctors at Omorfy are competent, capable, BIG-registered and have a passion for their work. We only use the latest equipment. The treatments are carried out in complete privacy. In your room there’s a seating area where you can enjoy your lunch in-between treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a man, can I get a hair transplant?

    Hair transplants in men are almost exclusively used if there is androgenetic alopecia, hereditary hair loss. This is a form of hair loss that is permanent and is caused by the male dihydrotestosterone hormone. Before you make the decision, you must first determine the cause of your hair loss. Make a speech for a non-binding consultation and discuss the possibilities.

  • How long does a hair transplant take on a man?

    It is difficult to say exactly how long a men’s hair transplant will take. This depends on various factors and the number of grafts needed. Please keep in mind that you will have the whole day free for the treatment and that you will be ready at approximately 4:00 PM.

  • Is a men's hair transplant without shaving possible?

    With men, the entire head is often shaved before a hair transplant. However, other techniques are also possible, where only part or none of the hair is shaved. Omorfy also performs these methods. Inquire about the possibilities in a no-obligation consultation.

  • How quickly will I see results with a men's hair transplant treatment?

    You need patience, hair does not grow fast. The treated skin is red and slightly swollen for the first few days after the procedure. This will subside on its own and your skin will be recovered after a bit more than a week. With the regular FUE method, transplanted hairs fall before new ones grow. This hair loss takes place from 3 to 4 weeks after the procedure. New hair growth will begin to show 3 to 4 months after the procedure. A complete result can be expected in 9 to 12 months after the men’s hair transplant treatment has taken place.

  • What does a hair transplant man cost?

    The cost of a Hair Transplant man strongly depends on the number of grafts that are implanted. The price of a hair transplant of small coves starts at 2300 euros and can go up to a hair transplant treatment in one day of about 4500 euros. With larger numbers of grafts, a hair transplant must be spread over two days to preserve the donor area

  • Why should I go for a hair transplant for man in Turkey?

    The only reason to do a hair transplant in Turkey is money. With a correct comparison of costs, travel and risks, it is not worth it and a good clinic in Turkey is just as much.

  • What are the disadvantages of a hair transplantation?

    – A hair transplant does not provide immediate results. Hair grows slowly, but a hair transplant is sustainable. The end result is visible after 9 to 12 months.

    – A hair transplant takes 8 hours because it is very precise work that must be done professionally. Immediate recovery takes about a week.

    – Due to the intensive work and work of a doctor, the cost price is more expensive than other methods, but much more durable.

  • Can every man with hair loss do a hair transplant?

    Men who suffer from hereditary hair loss, androgenetic alopecia, can often undergo a hair transplant. This form of hair loss is permanent and is because the hair follicles are affected by the hormone dihydrotestosterone and is often hereditary. General health should be good. In other forms of hair loss, a doctor must determine whether a transplant is possible.

  • Will my hair be shaved short before the procedure?

    Shaving your hair is not always necessary. There is also the option of shaving only a small area on the back of the head. This depends on the number of grafts to be extracted. After the treatment, the surrounding hairs fall over it. This will make the treatment virtually invisible. Our doctors and technicians use precision instruments that require little recovery time and the recipient and donor area heal quickly. All this will be discussed with you during the intake interview in the clinic.

  • Can men with frizzy hair get a hair transplant?

    Omorphy has specialists for frizzy hair transplantation. Especially men with frizzy hair can do a hair transplant with us. A successful hair transplant of frizzy hair takes longer because the structure is more complex. A hair transplant for frizzy hair requires a lot of effort and experience from the hair technician. Read more about hair transplants for frizzy hair here.

  • Is a hair transplant on a scar possible?

    Do you have a scar on your head where no hairs grow? Then we may be able to transplant hairs here again. In any case, it must be determined in advance how the skin of the scar is. During a free consultation we discuss the possibilities

  • Can a man do a hair transplant at the same time as a beard transplant?

    The beard can be implanted at the same time as the scalp hairs. The treatment of the man does take longer, but sometimes the implant specialists work in two or three places at the same time. Then the hair transplant for the man goes faster.

Want to know more about hair transplants at Omorfy?

Want to know more about hair transplants at Omorfy? Or are you interested in a consult? Feel free to contact us. We’d love to talk about the possibilities.

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