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About Us

Omorfy offers a state of the art hair clinic, located in the centre of the Netherlands. With more than 10 years of experience, our specialists belong to the best in the Netherlands. The hair clinic is specialised in FUE method hair transplants. We deliver high quality treatments with natural results. Our experienced cosmetic team has worked in many well-known clinics. Omorfy Hair Clinic also researches new techniques and improvements of the result.

Omorfy has developed an academy for the sharing of knowledge. This academy operates not only in our own practice, but in collaboration with other hair clinics as well. Besides personal attention, privacy is our primary concern. Omorfy Hair Clinic has a spacious private parking lot, personal operation rooms where you can reside for the whole day, and gives personal support. Omorfy delivers optimal care, before, during and after a hair transplantation treatment.

Omorfy hair clinic, beauty for everyone

The three founders of Omorfy hair clinic, Wilssany Franse, Novia Mozart and Koos Maring, have one goal in mind: Omorphia For You. This means “beauty for everyone” and summarises our mission and vision: making high quality hair techniques available for everyone.

The cornerstones of Omorfy hair clinic are:

  • Quality and standards of cosmetic care (Quality Framework for Cosmetic Care)
  • Education and quality in her medical team
  • A facility which is fitted out to the latest standards
  • Application of the latest techniques in our hair clinic
  • Personal approach, no waiting periods, flexible opening hours and great privacy
  • Permanent improvement, education and quality assurance

Omorfy offers all this at a competitive price.

FUE hair transplant

“More support and attention for now and for the future”

Hair transplants don’t have to be the first solution for hair loss.

Building a new hair clinic

On these principles our experienced team of specialists built a brand new hair clinic. They based it on the latest standards as defined in the Kwaliteitskader Cosmetische Zorg (Quality Framework for Cosmetic Care) and applied the latest techniques. To make it accessible from anywhere in the Netherlands this hair clinic was built in Bunnik, just outside Utrecht.  At this new location – with ample private parking, privacy on entry and in the treatment rooms and ORs – the preconditions for hair clinics set by the Dutch authorities could be realised.

The hair clinic hosts 5 treatment rooms, consultation rooms, education and training and peace, quiet and luxury for her clients. The Postillion Hotel Bunnik is within walking distance. We have arranged a discount for those staying with them during treatment. The hair clinic is accessible from anywhere in the country, both by car and train.

Hair clinic with a modern design

Omorfy’s new hair clinic has a modern design, making use of the latest standards.  Because of the attention given to both lighting and privacy, it makes for a pleasant environment to be in. We believe that both our clients and our staff deserve the best treatment. We enable this by making sure we have the latest tools and by knowing what our client needs. All our rooms are designed with the client in mind.

A hair transplant at Omorfy is a day treatment. It’s an altogether tiring day for our client. That’s why we arrange for the right kind of relaxation. All of the treatment rooms in the clinic are designed to be comfortable and provide the patient with all amenities. For example, you can choose your own entertainment or music by means of our modern entertainment system.

Hair transplants are a proven and safe treatment which you’ll enjoy the rest of your life.

Latest technology for the best results

Micro-FUE method

At Omorfy we use the FUE-method (Follicular Unit Extraction). With this method the follicles are removed one by one, using a hollow needle. We carry out this treatment with an extra small hollow needle, 0.7 mm in diameter and 2.5 mm in length. This ensures a faster recovery and minimal scarring. With small drills, our very skilled assistants “harvest” grafts of up to four hair follicles. The amount is dependent on the quality of your donor area. Omorfy doesn’t split your grafts, as many other clinics in the Netherlands do. This way we make sure your grafts are touched as little as possible, thus improving their survival rates.

Needleless Anaesthetic Syringes

The needleless anaesthesia syringe is a fluid spraying device which is used to administer the anaesthetic without using a needle. This syringe without a needle is based on the principle of mechanical energy and gives enough pressure to push a dose of liquid medication through a very small opening. This creates a thin liquid column which then penetrates the skin into the tissue under the scalp. This way we don’t have to use needles. 

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation is the latest technological development in hair transplantations. This ultra sharp knife we use makes smooth incisions which does less damage to the scalp. Thus we achieve an astonishing end result. The sapphire blade is made from a durable and anti-bacterial gemstone. Qualitatively, the knife is much better than steel blades or rough needles. A steel blade or needle can loose its sharpness, which in turn can cause tissue damage and/or loss.

Omorfy Academy

Because we know that there are few capable hair technicians and hair transplantation surgeons in the Netherlands, we’ve decided to start “Omorfy Academy”. Our capable team is ready to educate the professionals of tomorrow. Hair transplants belong to the finest treatments the world of cosmetics has to offer. However, without capable staff there’s a risk of permanent damage to the donor area. Omorfy Academy has the goal to prevent this, now and in the future.

At Omorfy we are almost always capable of carrying out a hair transplant. Book a consultation to find out which treatment is right for you

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